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megss opalewski.

let’s drive into the sunset
& sing love songs
we’ll make unkeepable promises
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Thursday @ 5:17
goshh, it's been so long - i know livejournal isn't ''cool'' anymore. considering everyone is so obsessed with myspace.. ill still update just because.


i'm in softball, yeah we are 10-3. it's going pretty good, ashley rafalski is on the team. THANK GOD. i'm glad she is - i don't really talk to anyone else on the team, + it brought us closer - well actually talking agian<3
SO as you know, schools almost over - and i think the worst thing that has happend is i'm not close with ashley anymore :(. but everything happens for a reason, and we will find our way back. I don't really have any close friends, besides Ryan, yeah we are still together it's going onto 10 months, and it's been nice. i enjoy his company.
summers coming - 16th birthday, + i believe getting a job at claire's with ashley which i'm pretty excited about, my first job ever. haha
GOSH, this year has went by so fast. and i actually did well this year too.
i started talking with samantha legare, and i love her<3. my partying days have gone down a whole lot, which i believe is better for me.
.. I miss all the people i use to hang out with, nina, may, ASHLEY, ney.
that's pretty much about it.

Monday @ 4:17
braces = gone :]

Tuesday @ 7:12
well i'm going to start updating this more often i believe.
it's been over like 2 weeks, and i honestly can't remember that's far back.

saturday, i stayed at samantha's house with may :]
had a wonderful time, i love them both :*

yesterday i had an ortho app.
i was so anxious i thought i was getting my braces off.
but they had to adjust something. so now mother and i scheduled to get them off on march 14 @ 315. gosh, i'm so excited. + i get 100 dollars !!$$#%$#. since i got all A's on my brushing.
enough with that ----
afterwards, ryan came and got me, with ray went to KFC. then back to his house..layed around with him + the puppies <3333 x 072805.
oh well * he had gotten 6 little puppies, pitbulls. which i feel in love with instantly. :]
later on mother picked me up, you know basics talk to ry + bed.

t|o|d|a|y, first day back.
didn't want to get out of bed.
i believe i hit the snooze appoximatly 5 times before i even opened my eyes. ha imagine that.
school was allright - seemed to be getting annoyed easily.
oh yeah i'm sitting by samantha + kamie may, coleman & everyone else at lunch now<3. wonderful.
volleyball - was horrible. considering coach hit my in the face with the volleyball when i wasn't looking, so it all went down from there.
now i'm sitting here complaining, waiting for ryan to call mee.

talking more with samantha and may + kamie.
ryan is my bestfriend.
amber + lizzie<3
branddiii - who i miss terribly.

its been a while [
Thursday @ 7:24
updating this thing isnt as great as it use to be.
myspace has deffinatly become number 1.

yeah left off at exams;
got new classes.
FINALLY; out of american lit.
and i love love love it<3

yeah - volleyball had a meeting tonight.
let everyone know how i feel about them.
& yeah we are 8-1 :*
me & erin got pretty close during this season.
she's so much like me, it's weird -
we just click.

hm i don't talk to too many people anymore.
i see no point, you get real close then
just stop all the sudden - no reasons.
not doing that agian. i kinda sit back now
don't talk to much of anyone

this weekend i'm hanging out with ney<3.
which i havn't in like what 3520982 years.
things have changed i'm starting over,
clean slate..
my main goal/whatever is ry;
he's not always goign to be there,
so i'm going to take the time he is
and take it to the fullest.

- may i miss her alot.
we were getting close -
but agian we stopped
for no reason -
aimee, i love her.
since her + brenda friends.
kinda weird - you know.
brandi - so glad i met her.

valentines is soon :*.
i'm excited ;]
going to be fun<3

yeah that's about it,
going to eat + do homework.


well well well [
Friday @ 2:31
hm havn't updated in a long time.
yeah still grounded - sucks.
but next week i'm off.
which is lovely.

anywhoo -
last weekend, hung out with ryan since that's the only i mean only thing i can do. but it's nice that i'm not grounded from him. uh what went to the varisty bball game + got la comida china with mother <3 :]
then sat ate it once agian with ryan. + tanning & all that.

yeah i believe i did good for the most part.
bio i was kinda skeptical about, i'm not too sure on that on.
or american lit either. but like spanish + math keyboarding etc.
feel good about that.

yeah the half days ---
hung out with aim<3 my love.
she's awesome - talked + hung out you know.
next two days with ryan. + game.

which leads onto volleyball
the only tema that beat us was ED.
yeah whoa. we are 5-1 <3. very proud.
i love our team.

tomorrow's mine & ry's 6 monthss.
lovely<3 seems like forever
and it's only 6 months.
but the best 6 months :) awe ha.

yeahhhh nothing to much has been happening.
going to the game tonight but i have pratice
until 6. so ill go afterwards.
umm suppose to go with ney, but i'm not
sure if she wants to go late, ill see.
i missed her, it's weird how things are changing.
but i'm just going with itt.

- game monday + wednesday.

friends -
seriously havn't talked to may in forever.
aimee <3 :*. glad we are hanging out.
teena kneal - missed her. seeing her more everday.
i miss michael, ill see him tomorrow though:):)
ryan = my best friend.

mother hasn't been doing to good.
she went to the doctors to get some
test and they think they found something.
she hasn't been herself lately,
dads worried + stressed out.
angela is always at arik's i'm glad i saw her today
+ stephanie, me her fighting one day fine the next
i guess just depends on how we both feel.

yeah and that's about it,
hasta luego

i love my friends<3 [
Sunday @ 10:56

let me tell you whats been happening.
fiiirst off - went to the ortho, fed 20th
they are thinking ill get my braces off.
BUT i am going on a cruise with ashley
& her family feb 17-27.
yeah im kinda exctied, but i am truly not looking
forward to leaving ryan here :(. ill miss him terribly.
it wont be the same, but hopefully when we get there itll be fine.
+ me and ashley have like an on and off relationship, we are hanging out with different people which is fine, but we hardly talk - idk how to explain it. Its deffinatly different. but hopefully the 10 days will bring us back to normal. I do indeed miss her<3.

allright enough with that.
friday - boukis hada party<3. went there with michael may + ryan. got there almost everyone was allright drunk. crazy. lost my pursue !! somewhere, i believe its still at his house. but he wasn't home yesterday to see if i can get it.
ehh - grounded for the next two weekends, just weekends though, mother knows it'll kill me. so that's why it's only the weekends. ill say im staying at like mays but end up at nina's + not call or anything she gets worried, blah yeah. understand?
yesterday did nothing but sit at home. + ate mom got me mcdonalds.
today going tanning + ryan bought me a coat from hollisterr that i wanted, and mother took it to the dry cleaners, hopeefully picking it up today <333 ilh :]

volleyballs been going good as well, we are 3-0 :D. we are a good team but there is little like groups. and if we try and bring it together it just causes fights. I mostly talk to laura, erin + my girlfriend Jaclyn <333 + Kristina, i love them :*

friends- .
little conflicts between me and brenda, which i really dont understand.
um may i love her, sorry about the other night ill explain. <3 m+m. :] always.
samantha - i fell in love with her, shes so cute. + with him ;) aweee. i'm glad were talking more, hopefully we will get together another time soon<3
aimee i got your back giirlfriend ;). i love you. plans soon.
nina !$@!#@% + cassie. i love them plans, when im ungrounded, or even in the week. this time lets actually hang out, even though it's me being a hoe out. i'm sorry ily girls.
michael occho, is basically one of my best friends, along with ryan<3. i love them both. =]

now me and ryan. im extremly happy with him, idc about anyone else. it's about to be um 6 months, and hopefully many more to come. he's always there, hes my best friend + wonderful boyfriend, who i can't see without. i spend every single day with him. and i don't regret one thing. i love you baby:*:*:*

i'm goinggggg.

updatinggg <3 [
Tuesday @ 11:55
wellllll it's been a couple days, and what is better then updating when you have nothing else to do<3.

hmm i did go to lakeside with mother + may came with me, uh got a shirt from abercrombie + wet seal, some tank tops clogs and more<3. afterwards - mother got us mcdonald's then dropped us off at cassie's house<3 went to her brothers hockey game, i believe they lost, but it was fun + cute to watch. afterr, went back to her house talked & all that - mom picked me up around 1030. i love them girlss <33 :D.
one day we did go to phil's house, that was fun .. ry + mike showed up there, went to mcdonald's with them, + i had to be home at like 11 so ryan drove cassie may then me home.
ahh - went to the mall agian with ryan + stephanie got 2 shirts from hollister. + i don't remember what else, went out to eat at coney. hmm.

now new years - was at ryan's ehh, not too good for me, but everyone else had a good time, i'm glad i saw ashley, + stayed at may's house with nina, cassie, aimee & samantha..was fun. cassie & i slept in allen's room while everyone was in may's talked for a few, then her and i went to bed.
woke up may's mom made breakfast, ate mom drove me home, ryan came over, hung out with him. went to the mall but was closed- + best buy to get my case. then coney saw ashley + dave <3 umm, hung out at his house for a while then came home.
had volleyball this morning. boring as usual.first game on thursday when we go back<3. it's home, kinda excited/nervous !!.

today i have an ortho app. @ 4, but mom wants to go in early like 3, so they can fix my bracket, and they are going to tell me when i get them off :) sometime next month !! :):) smiles x's 59085526.

f r i e n d s
over break i did indeed get closer with may + cassie.
i love them girls, i'm happy we finally hung out<3
samantha + nina<3 i love them, and we deffinatly have to make plans agian soon.
ashley, didn't hang out with her at all !? kinda weird but i still consider her like my closest friend. i love herr <33 always.
michael. kinda fought a little but we are good now.
volleyball - talk to laura + erin :*.

ryan and i, lately we have been disagreeing alot, but i think fighting makes us stronger and closer. i know things will work out, i just know it. i love you :*<33333.

welll. i'm going to chat online.
commenttt if you'd like.


my lifes going so perfect. [
Tuesday @ 11:37
well i'll update since i'm waiting to go shopping with my mother. soo happy i love shopping<3.

anyways -
christmas eve turned out real good, my family came here + ryan he met everyone. it was such a good feeling for him to finally met all my family. & they loved him. afterwards, rented the longest yard, went to his house, came home about 12iish.

christmas day. woke up early. + woke up everyone else. opened our things. got the stuff i wantedd. + arik got me something too like lotion + bath stuff. very cute. umm ryan came over, exchanged stuff then got ready went to his grandparents house, met some of his family<33. then went to my aunt sue's house, but got lost for like hours, horrible but we ended up finding it. was fun hung with jaclyn there. i miss her. went home about 930ishh, watched fox and the hound :D, he went home slept.

next morning - woke upp. ryan came over went to the movies with him + father cousins uncle aunt. etc.. saw cheaper by the dozen two, was cute. then went to lakeside, SOO MANY PEOPLE OMG. only got two shirts from abercrombie, then left, went got some food- + targett<33333 = love. then went to ryan's for a little. then home around 1030. chilled with stephanie, bed - 2.
this morning had volleyball, very tired didn't feel like going, mom picked me up went to tim's.. :) my favorite.
shower, now here.
today ; going shopping with mother at lakeside, then afterwards, going to hang out with may + cassie !!! excited i love themm.

have been talking with may & cassie more.
we have hung out, and we are today.
ashley - we havn't hung out lately,but i love you.
cassie fulton -saw her yesterday at hollister,
new years is coming ---
nina,cassie,may,cassie fulton,samantha? + who knows else.
should be fun :D i'm excited.
me and brenda are fine now<3.
glad i met michael + sammy.
me and ryan, i don't think could get any perfect,
well we could but we are just fine now, he's my
b e s t f r i e n d. <333 x's 590389023.

now, i'm going to talk to may + dusin<3

Chriiiiistmas in 6 days. [
Monday @ 1:11
[ mood | tired ]

hey ya\'ll :D
- i\'m in 1st hour right now, & just got finished with me work.
so i decided to update about my weekend.
let\'s begin with friday - of course.
school - went by pretty fast. afterwards ry came over, layed around with him. then he dropped me off at school for volleyball at 5. suppose to be until 7 but coach knew we all wanted to watch the game so he left us off like 45 mins ealry =D. got ready all that, ryan came up there :*. watched the game sat with ryan, ash & cassie<3
afterwards, me may & ryan went back to his house, then to coney to met m.occho. whos one of my favorite people.
.. anyways - went back to ryan\'s hung out there until 12, ryan dropped me and may off at her house. hung out + talked the whole night, and went to back at about what 2iish i believe.
onto saturday, mother came and picked me up about 1100. went home helped mother clean just about the whole day, got done finally at about 330, took a shower, got ready talked to ryan for a while, then he came over. left to mcdonald\'s then back to his house, called cassie :D :*<3. went and picked her up. then michael came over, ryan got ready. then went to mike\'s house, me and ryan went out real quiick, then came back, but cassie had to leave @ 11 so me and her went back to her house, talked you know all that, then went to bed.
now sunday woke up early because cassie had to babysit, so ryan & m.occho picked me up went back to ryan\'s house, his father made me breakfasttt :P like always. then was going to take the dog for a walk but mother called and said i had to get home because i lied and was suppose to stay @ may\'s but i stayed at cassie\'s. so i went home helped with more christmas stuff, then jeff called to see if i wanted to babysit, of course i did. only for like 3 hours. but was fun, i miss those kids! got home mother bought me TB. talked to ryan and went to sleep.

chriiistmass 6 days.
i\'m getting closer with may & cassie.
wednesday, im suppose to hang out with cassie smith<3.
hopefully that will follow through, she\'s a very sweet girl.
me & ryan are going wonderful.
sammy occho - is my best friend :D even though he\'s a jerk to me.
m. occho, <33 soo funny he cracks me up.
ashley, i love you i love you i love you
nina. we do have to hang out & get this straightend out too. ilu
stephanie & william are soo cute. awee.
new yearss !! i\'m 755436436 excited - should be fun.
but i\'m going to go play a game<3.



Wednesday @ 3:40
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today ; was good - long though.
kinda crabby too<3. v-ball 5-7
& ry's coming over afterwards.
.. going to chat with nina


Saturday @ 2:24
so yeah - i hardly update this thing.
& i'm not too sure what i've been doing either.

everday basically consists of
-- school
-- volleyball
-- ryan.
but.. the last couple weeks, i have been hanging out/ talking with ash alot more.
which is a good thing - we are getting there. slowly but it will take time.
++ alot more drama, i don't know what's with that at all. honestly they are
being immature, just all the sudden had a huge problem, ehh i don't know -
but it's not really effecting me much.
a.n.y.w.a.y.s - went to the varisty game last night. they lost :(. not by much. they are not too bad.
afterwards went to mcdonald's then to ryan's watched 8 mile. m. occho came over, talked to him about today. going over there tonight with ryan + who knows who else. if no one it's fine with me.
i know ashley + dave are going maybe josh too? .. should be fun though <3.

+ went tanning ; i'm getting there
+ christmas/break coming up!
+ need to go shopping.
+ make plans with nina & may & have them work!
+ me & brenda have seem to stop talking all the sudden,
& i'm completly clueless. ily<3
+ i love keith urbann :):) & ry got me the cd<3
+ mike's tonight.
+ i hate drama filled girls.
+ me ash & dave + josh are getting closer.
there seriously such great people.

butt .. going to get ready now, &
i believe ryan's coming over =*

Wednesday @ 3:33
hm if i can remember.

no school - but had v-ball in the morning, afterwards went to ashley's talked all that.
ehh got ready, fought with ry. sorry love. then dave & ash were going bowling so i went to ryans,
layed around with him a bit, then went home + made pumpkin pie all that went to mcdonalds & 7-11.
he left around 1230iishh.
woke up early me + ryan went down to the parade. hell no way too cold left before it even started.
++ he was complaining the whole entire time. went back to his house watched it on tv, went home
got ready he came back over - + we went to my grandma's. ehh not to fun but @ least he went with me.
left there around 730ish, went back to his house,layed around went to ashley's house @ like 1.
next day
volleyball in the morning - ry picked me up after. his father made me breakfast :] he's too cute.
ate, went to get an intertube so me & him could go sledding even though it wasn't even cold out.
got all dressed up went sledding, was fun
until he shoved my face in the snow, then sat on the hill & watched all the little kids be stupid.
went back to my house, took showers, went to will's hockey game.

well that was saturday, so i forgot a day.
um wait friday - went to visit my dad @ the bowling alley
with ry of course. went out to eat after @ coney :] my fav<3

sat went sledding + will's game.
mom + dad went out.
ryan stayed till about 330. went home.

next morning brought me coney agian! =X
ick,um.later on that night went ice skating.
him & stephanie both fell. i didn't :]
caught on pretty fast actually.
was fun<3

mon was our 4 months :]:]
- volleyball, ryan drove me + picked me up.
went to his house. watched t.v with him & his mother.
went home aroun 930.

yesterday -
v-ball, ry drove me + mom picked me up got home ryan was there.
ate dinner + had homework called ryan, went to bed about 1130ish.

& today -
ryan took my to school.:]
& i have v-ball @ 5-7.

so basically schools been good going by fast.
++ getting along with alot of people.
& um there's a little bit of stupidity going around.
obviously there insecure. :] no big deal to me though<3.

yeah brenda & ash<3.
++ NINA - she cracks me up.
& can't forget MAY!! sorry babe<3
love them girls.
ryan your everything to me.

yeah i'm going to chat with witmer<3.

Thursday @ 4:00
-- update before i leave for volleyball try-outs.
lovelyyness. + afterwards i'm going to ash's house,
hmm it's about damn time too. i might of forgot
where it's @. :]

- this week. been enjoying no basketball.
monday - came home went to ry's house, layed around with him.
went & ate @ some chinesse place, then went home,
had homework, all that good stuff. + showered, watched LB.
then there's
tuesday, um after school went to kamie's house. talked/sat in her room.
then went out to eat with her family<3. i miss them times 6347 , it was fun
but kam had DT @ 6, so i went home, ryan came over + ate ice cream layed around
and watched the pistons winn :) 7-0 !! homework + bed usual.
o n t o
wednesday - ry picked me up after work, went to his housee, layed around
ha notice it's all we do, lazy :]. watched operha, my idol <3 :] then
had dinner + ice cream, took pics he's sucha a weirdo, but on a suit jacket
and pajama pants and we go to my housee and he's just walking around
while no one is noticing. lovely, went to mcdonalds billy bought me a milkshake:]
um he left around 930-10. took a shower, yes as you know homework + talked to ry
until about 11 went to bed.
& today, school tiring - but fun,worked with my boy eric in spanish,
talked with ash in american lit, never do actually anything in that class,
that's got to change for sure!!
after school kamie drove me home, talked to ry, & i've been sitting on here.
about to go get change & leave for volleyball pray for me daskgjdafh.

getting close with
brenda times 39085039 :] love you boo.. + NINA V & MAY <3 i love you both dearly.
nina, crack me up seriously, plans with them this weekend.
me and ash talked about things, we are still like mentally close.
if that makes since, but yes she's my bestfriend
& were hanging out today :] which is promising.

me & ry, could not be any better. we don't fight anymore. and he means
the world to me honest, i have never felt this way, yes i had other boyfriends
and i said i love them so much blah blah, but he's so much different.
and means way more. it's .. idk i can't explain it.i just love him

volleyball timee though<3
comment if you'd like


69: she robbed the boob fairy.
Ss: hell yeah, wait till i see this fairy.
69: ill rip that bitches boobs off
Ss: lmfaolmfao
Ss: i'll tackle her you do the ripping
69: YESSS. we can share them too :-D
Ss: yessyesyesyess.
Ss: :-P
Ss: where she gonna be?
69: umm..
69: well
69: if you were a boob fairy where would you be?
Ss: ..i'd bee. in the boob factory probably.
69: and where is that megs
Ss: .. well. boob street. right off of boobie highway
69: fuck :-D
69: were set for life then .
lmfao nina cracks me up.
love times 958306928490684320968

Sunday @ 11:08
allll i gottta say is whattt a nightt.
bren,may & nina, i love you girls<3 :]

Ryan I LOVE YOU !!!

Monday @ 8:42
[ mood | mellow ]

ahhh time for an update :].
i'm bored listening to will's ipod,
since my comp. don't have music.
lovellyyy + AIM isn't working right now either.

T H I S W E E E EEE K E N D ! #!$ %$@^

- friday firstttt off, school. afterwards went to ryan's house, hung out with him until about.. 630ishh . then he left to go to mark's house for the weekend :[ depressing. so i called brenda.. mother dropped me off @ candices. her bren, daniel & joe were there. hm exciting i guess you can say, got ready.
went to harold's.. saw samantha :],
+aimee+ - kinda being mean [sorry love] matthew woods + others
,got annoyed so candice had her mother take me & bren to her house.
stayed there. talked/gossiped you know ;
layed down, feel asleep before the movie even started. ha waste.
- saturday went home around 1030. cleaneedddd mostly got ready talked to ryan, argued a bit.. went online talked with brenda, she came over :] .. walked up to TB ate there, went back may & nina v !! came over. love them girlsssss. umm sat for like 98350298 hours trying to find something,
walked to tims/garrett's. nina & me made fun of may the whole timee, haha love you may<3
ryan picked us up @ like 1030, since he came home to see me :] loveee himmmm times a zillion.
then i went & spent the night @ may's housee. which was huh?.. haha riiight may.
- sundayyy ry picked me up in the morning went to his house, took a shower/got ready you know. he got us mcdonald'ss. watched a movie. layed around went home around 5ishh. layed around here.
talked to ryan & bed @ like 10.

++++ today - school tiiired. hm, after scrimaged varsity, did good left @ 4. ryan came over, made some food, talked with allen, michael + will & stephanie. went upstairs. layed around.. um then they asked us to play hide-n-seek. lmfao. havn't played in forever, so ryans jumping fences while i'm trying to keep up, went in someone's house and layed on their trampoline. haha scared so we left, then said screw it walked up to 7-11 and got some pizza. came here ate + talked to my father, then he elft & went to the gym, i took a shower, now sitting here.

f r i en d s
bren !%!$^%#& - soo glad were together agian ! b:]fa love youu boo. ff always.
NINA V , just met you & i can say i'm in love.
may - hanging out agian, your such a sweet girl,
to everyone, well besides. hm garrett :P
everyone else <3

thiss weeekendd.
no school friday!
then saturday plans with bren
nina may, & ryan :]
haroldd'sss i believe
should be fun. #%&@%& ehh.
love you giirls.

me and ryan are lovely, like bren said were made to be togehter :]
haha, i do care so much about him + he's seriously my best friend.
without him.. i don't think i'd want to be here. i love you baby :*

majorr plussss.
basketball endssssss :]
freee timeeee. helll yeahh.

people change and tend to forget you behind


what comes around goes aroundd. [
Wednesday @ 8:37
allright first offff i'm deffinatly pretty pissed off.
people seriously are so immature, to be that low.. you need help.

here's the thing -
about bobby's. and yes you read this you know i'm talking to you.
one - candice was with me basically the whole time.
two - it was like 2 months ago and your just calling now.
three - do you have to be so damn jealous.
uh, not like he believes them, but damn grow up !
i love ryan and it's going to stay that way.

dramadramadrama times 394082.

this weekend ryan's going up to mark's house.
and i'm hanging out with brenda the whole weekend<3.
i'm extremly glad that i'm getting close with her.
!#!$% it should be fun.
but make sure your watching me. haha.

speaking of friends -
me and ashley .. eh it's weird, we arn't as close.
and it's really because of our boyfriends i think, lately i feel weird going over there when it's her dave becca and branden, NOT saying that she's with him, just ackward.. yes i know she's going to be close with other people.. but i don't know. i miss her.
..but all things happen for a reason. she's my best friend
- she's ALWAYS been there for me. threw everything.

yeah and i've heard the last week i have no friends,
you guys are right, i have ashley brenda & ryan.
.. but does it look like it's effecting me,
girls. most of to drama i'm not playing little petty games anymore.
it's time to grow up children.


mine & ryan's 3 months :] [
Friday @ 5:06
[ mood | happy ]

whoaa, havn't updated in forever.
my computer is so messed up @ home.
right now i'm sitting in first hour,
with nothing to do.
what else then to update i thought :P.

nothing too exciting has been going on.
been getting closer to brenda <3
me & ashley are the same, wish we hung out more though.
++ today's mine & ryan's 3 monthss. aweeee. ha kidding.

baasketball -
as of now we are 9-7, not bad. improved since last year.
i just can't wait till it's over though. i do love herbertson.
but i'm getting tired of itt.
+ i want to get a job & my mother's telling me i have to play
volleyball?.. hm i thought i could choose what i want.
err, bothers me

yesterday -
we had a game @ cusino, lost by like 7, but they
were pretty good 14-2 was there's. ryan came to the game
& brought me mcdonalds :) how thoughtful, but only because
i was mad @ him. suck uppp.

halloween -
is coming up on monday, i am staying home & passing
out candy with ryan - always fun -
& i have plans with brenda to hang out after
but mom's being dumb
so i don't know if that will happen i hope though
because we know like everything about each other,
& havn't hung out since
the summer time. haha lovely. :*

schoool -
not too bad, american lit is my only complain i am doing so horrible @
that class.. all the other ones i believe i'm doing pretty well
:: says proudly :: :D :D.

drama has corrupted.
alot of stuff going on @ once.
deffinatly trying to stay out of itt !!

today we are having our fiesta in spanish.
:] shoulddd be funn.
after school going home & ryan's coming over.
i believe going out to eat and moviess ?!

friends -
ashley, brenda <3
talking more with kamie & laura + davis.
samantha , eric & rob < they crack me up
hm lost touch with many.

megs life consists of basketball coming home,
hanging out with ryan, or sometimes ashley.
which doesn't bother me.. it just bothers
me thattt like i don't talk to the people i
once was pretty close with.

speaking of ryan, me & him :*.
were deffinatly doing so good. i love being around him.
even when we are fighting i still am glad were together
he means so much to me :] i love you ryan.

but i'm going
-- chao @#$%!


Monday @ 8:31
i love ryan miller :].

Monday @ 5:08
so right now i'm in first hour with mike.
& i'm allready done with my work,
so i decided i'd update once agian :]

ryan came over about 230ish.
waited for my clothes to dry,
then he left..stopped @ his grandpa's house.
.. he went into macomb real quick & came out
with the new shoes i wanted from AE :*
very cute i'm in love :P
then we went to lakesidee,
he got a couple shirts.left about 530ish,
he dropped me off @ home argue with my mother.
so i left & went for a walk
sat up @ the park and watched the little kids play football
very cute. then ryan came up & we went for a long walk
talked about everything going on, my mom called
and told me to come home around 9ish
got home, she yelled a bit more, got in the shower.
talked to ryan for a while, layed down.
couldn't sleep watched t.v till about 130,

this morning woke up lateee,
stephanie told me to look outside,
so i came downstairs & on the porch were 3 pumpkins,
that said ''i love you'' from ryan :*.
deffinatly made my day, he makes me soo happy.

so i hurried up got readyy.
ryan called talked to him for a bit,
since i'm in trouble and he can't pick me up.
whatever though.

today i have basketball from 3 till 445,
coming home, seeing if mother wants to take me
shopping or something. i feel like doing something!

i'm going to play a game :]
ha i'm so coool.

Sunday @ 2:48
geee, i havn't updated in forever.
i honestly don't even remember what i've done
since last time. too long.

everyday is the same, school basketball home.
..that's about it, here & there i'll go to
ashley's or hang out with candice, but not as much anymore.

mine & ryan's 2 months was wednesday :).
he bought me flowerssss & was just a lovely dayy :*
basically my weekends consist of hanging out with ryan.
friday i went to the football game with ashley & dave,
spent the night @ her grandma's house.
then... she went to the cidermill so i went to ryan's house
went back to sleep while he went to work.
he came home around 3ishh. drove me home,
i got ready then he came back.
went to stephanie's competition with me & my father.
it wasn't fun, but he was there which made it 2908 times better :]
..it was over about 9ishh. got home about 1030ishh
me & ash were suppose to hang out but that never happend.
my parents said to late, so ryan stayed over, we got TB :D
thennn he left about 1230. i went upstairs & went to bed.

...this morning woke up around 1230ish, got ready..
listen to music for like an hour, talked with angela
now i'm sitting on here annoyed because we don't have AIM
anymore, because it gives out viruses to other people.
but i never go online anymore anyways, waste of time
++ way to much drama for me.

ahh! next sunday i'm going to my aunt noreens house
ryan will probabbly come with me..
pumpkin picking :):). sooo much funn .

ashleyyy, soo much closer with her i love her with every ounce of my heart<3 :*
candice + brenda need to hang out with them.
ryan, i love you :* simple as that.

.. ehh that's about itt.
going to hang out with ryan<3

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